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SIX believes that the sport of Airsoft should always be taken to the next level.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have High quality props that are interactive and add to the realism of the mission.  SIX has some of the best props that are in use.  All of our props are made by us and are tailored to the MilSim environment. Here are a few examples of some of the props that we use.

The dirty bomb A.K.A.  "The Nuke"

This devise is motion and sound sensitive. It has a secondary alarm system to prevent unauthorized tampering.  The core is adorned with flashing L.E.D.'s and the reactor is cooled with green liquid pulsating throughout the center core. The clock can be set to any desired duration. Each and every system is supported by it's own power supply.

Recent upgrades include a touch keypad for entering in the authorization code to disarm the bomb and a manual disarm wiring system that allows you to cut the proper wire to neutralize the threat.

The case on the left is ours, the case on the right is a real dirty bomb that the State Department believes to be in the hands of Chechen Rebels.









The SATCOM dish is a portable satellite communication antenna that is used in conjunction with a variety of props and scenarios.  It breaks down into multiple sections and can be assembled, disassembled or repaired during a mission.

Recent upgrades include an new paint scheme, tool kit for reassembly and repair and a portable radio to complete your transmittal.










Laptop with removable hard drive                      

This Sony laptop is rigged to come apart down to the hard drive with minimal effort. It lends itself to many different "intel" operations.









This missile launcher has four separate toggles to simulated the launch of 4 separate missiles. The launcher is equipped with a key switch that when armed, sounds an audible alarm that can be heard from across the AO. Once armed, each of the toggles is the launch control for 1 of the 4 missiles, launching a simulated attack by firing a rocket motor located in the heat shields of the missile tubes. The effects of the smoke flame and noise achieved from the launch is also heard from across the AO.




Toxic waste barrel

We have barrels that can be used in a variety of scenarios. The 55 gallon barrels can be weighted down so that they are more difficult to transport, increasing the difficulty level during the mission


SIX is continually upgrading the quality of props and scenarios that we use to achieve the ultimate goal of having and participating at the highest level in the sport of Airsoft. 




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